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To The Success Factors Scales® - Corporate Edition

What is it?

The Success Factors Scales®-Corporate Edition is a scientific, one-of-a-kind on-line assessment instrument developed specifically to measure the level of strength in 13 critically important success traits in individuals.

The Success Factors Scales®-Corporate Edition will assist businesses in two distinct ways:

  1. Personnel directors can utilize the instrument as a pre-employment tool to discover the level of strength of the job candidate in these 13 success traits, and
  2. Human resource managers can utilize the instrument as a personal development tool for current employees.

Why Do I Need It?

Many factors are responsible for the success of any organization. But only one factor can be termed "critical": The employees. With statistical evidence that a bad hire can cost a company tens of thousands of dollars, who you have working for you DOES make the difference. Pre-employment profiling allows managers to more closely screen applicants, curtail high employee turnover caused by costly shoot-from-the-hip hiring practices, and help streamline the interview process by providing vital information that the interviewer can utilize during conversation with the applicant.

The Success Factors Scales® - Corporate Edition is one of the most unique and beneficial pre-employment assessment resources because it gives employers solid, scientific evidence of the level of strength in 13 traits that the research literature documents that successful people possess in any job environment. The test is not infallible. But employers can gather a clear picture of the strengths of their candidates through the results of this no-nonsense, straight-forward assessment instrument.

Who can utilize the Success Factors Scales®-Corporate Edition?

The following groups and individuals can benefit from utilizing the Scales:

  1. Benefit programs directors
  2. Corporate coaching specialists
  3. Corporate trainers
  4. Customer service representatives
  5. Employee assistance counselors
  6. Employee fitness coordinators
  7. Employee relations directors
  8. Global executive recruiters
  9. Health & fitness consultants
  10. Human resource managers
  11. Insurance carriers
  12. Leadership development professionals
  13. Marketing & sales executives and managers
  14. Mentoring educators
  15. Organizational development specialists
  16. Organizational management professionals
  17. Personal improvement consultants
  18. Personal trainers
  19. Personnel directors
  20. Rehabilitation specialists
  21. Small business owners
  22. Team building consultants
  23. TQM managers
  24. Training and development specialists
  25. Wellness professionals
  26. Women’s health, pregnancy coaching, and childbirth education programs
  27. All individuals striving for improvement in their lives

What will I learn from the Success Factors Scales®-Corporate Edition?

Individuals who complete the on-line assessment will discover their level of strength in these 13 success traits:

  1. Assertiveness - Intimidated or intimidating?
  2. Cohesiveness - How well do you work with others?
  3. Communication Skills - Can you communicate your thoughts effectively?
  4. Coping with Pressure - Are you able to handle the heat in your environment?
  5. Integrity - Are you a person of your word?
  6. Leadership - Do you possess boardroom characteristics?
  7. Maturity - Can you deal with criticism and failure?
  8. Mental Toughness - Do you consistently perform well under adverse conditions?
  9. Motivation - Are you a self-starter?
  10. Passion - Is your work ethic where it should be?
  11. Receptiveness to New Things - Do you adapt well to change?
  12. Rehabilitation from Illness/Injury - How effectively do you deal with illness/injury?
  13. Self-Confidence - How strongly do you believe in yourself?

What is the Executive Summary?

The Executive Summary is a personalized 16-page printable document that includes a graphic display of the test results, an interpretation of high, mid, and low range scores, and a copy of the History of the Development of the Success Factors Scales®-Corporate Edition. The client will need to format the computer printing instructions to Landscape mode when printing the document. View a sample Executive Summary here.

Quick and Easy Administration

The scales are designed to be completed in one sitting. If, for any reason, you must stop your responses to the items before the completion of the instrument, you must start over from the beginning, and you must pay another fee.

The entire experience should take you less than 18 minutes to complete after you exit this page. Your step-by-step process includes these stops:

  1. Fee Schedule
  2. Registration/Payment
  3. Demographic Information
  4. Administration of the Success Factors Scales®-Corporate Edition
  5. Examination/printing of your results in the Executive Summary document

Contact Information

Direct all questions/inquiries to:
Stephen J. Brennan, PhD
President, The Center for Performance Enhancement Research and Education TM
Phone: 800-293-1676 Fax: 402-334-4437



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